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their integrity restored, the director finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into a situation that can't possibly end well for him and them, and could easily end badly for both. When Winner reviewed the tapes, the psychologist said, "I saw no evidence that she was a child prodigy in painting. (Photo: andrew thayer / Staff Photo) connectcommentemailmore Read or Share this story: /1OtS1HF. Marla 's art dealer considered moving out of Binghamton. Other interests, notably music and soccer, fill her life as well. I expected interest, but I didnt expect the firestorm to come, he says. From a fine art perspective, Marlas paintings were never skilled enough to be exhibited in the same gallery world as the masters to whom she was being compared; surely a major museum or cultural institution would have purchased her work had such been the case. www marla olmstead com matsqui www marla olmstead com matsqui

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    Marla is, marla Olmstead, a 6.

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