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city of Laon, as well as the former base. I Married a local Gendarme's Daughter Annette Demal. Retired from usaf in June of 1974. Wilson Penn Roach Jr Dallas, TX I was at Laon and then at Toul more than 44 years ago in the K-9 Section 59-62. He always seemed to love everyplace he was stationed. R Bourgetel 25 September 2010 Yvonne Griffin My Father Verdain Griffin ( known as Billy ) was stationed at Laon usaf base in the 1960s. In the early 60's Bob ward Franklin, MA New E-Mail address: Station at Laon from Mar 58 - till Aug 59 66TH ABG, special services Mike casey Rockville, MD 20853 Attended the 5th, 6th, half of the  7 grade from '63-65. Any FF who was at Laon during that time and is in the area is welcome to stop by and say hello. He was also a meteorologist. Would like to hear from anyone. 7 September 2009 John Presson El Dorado Hills, CA My paris call girl oostende father was Major John E Presson. . And I went to the base grammar school. The medical care was good but could be limited. . Little did I know it would be my best assignment in 21 years of service. I would enjoy contact with anyone who was assigned to the 66th Tac Hospital, Vet Clinic or Dental Clinic during this period. Whenever there was an alert some poor soul from the base had to drive out and notify everyone to report.


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