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as disk-like, was said to have wobbled and lost altitude and to have emitted a thin stream of silvery liquid that was subsequently determined to be tin. It appears that the magnitude of the effect is associated with a specific quantity (the difference in free enthalpy) associated with the biochemical change. Scientific Exploration,12 (in press). This should be designed as a multi-purpose system so that costs and data can both be shared. As Schuessler pointed out, most witnesses who suffer from injuries do not tell their physicians about the events that appear to have led to injuries and, if they do, they find that the physician does not believe them. After very thoughtful and vigorous winnowing, there has been a residual number of strong signals received by every group that are, and will no doubt remain, unidentified. We agreed that the workshop should focus on physical evidence associated with UFO reports, and I agreed to serve as director. For instance, if one begins with the assessment that the probability of an event being due to an extraterrestrial vehicle is 10-6, one could rephrase that as saying my assessment is -60.


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The DC-10 airplane was under the control of autopilot system #2 and was flying at 37,000 feet altitude. Where some level of repeatability exists but explanations are incomplete (e.g., in the Hessdalen project more investigative resources are clearly required. It is necessary to refer frequently to the official French research program that was set up in 1977 as gepan, and restructured in 1988 as sepra (see Appendix 1). In 1988, gepan was replaced by sepra (Service dExpertise des Phénomènes de Rentr #233es Atmosphériques Atmospheric Re-entry Phenomena Expertise Department). Swords reported that some years after the event Captain Coyne expressed the opinion that his compass, that had not previously malfunctioned, had somehow become demagnetized, but it was not clear whether this opinion was merely a conjecture or whether it was based on laboratory tests. Schuessler listed sites de rencontres sans inscription tous les sites de rencontre the following medical problems developed by the three witnesses: eyes swollen, painful and watery; permanent damage to the eyes; stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhea; sores and scarring of skin, with loss of pigmentation; excessive hair loss over a several-week period, the new hair. Gepan/sepra has investigated only cases for which the following conditions are met: Information concerning the event has come to gepan/sepra from an official source such as the Gendarmerie, local police, etc. The event is recent (a few hours to a few days old). One may expect that conditions on these planets would vary over a wide range, at least as wide as the range covered by the planets of our solar system. The witness moved forward cautiously to observe the strange phenomenon but, within a minute, the object rose and moved away in the same direction from which it had arrived.

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