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economy accounts for 77 of the district's 195,000 jobs, with today's fastest-growing sectors including information technology, financial services, tourism and retail headquarters and distribution. 82 The citys working-age population has risen., faster than any UK city outside London, whilst the population of the city itself is growing by twice the national average. 71 Bradford has one of the highest unemployment rates in England, 72 with the economic inactivity rates of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups standing at over 50 of the working age population. In the 1840s Bradford's population was significantly increased by migrants from Ireland, 9 particularly rural Mayo and Sligo, and by 1851 around 18,000 people of Irish origin resided in the town, representing around 10 of the population, the largest proportion in Yorkshire. 18 In 1989, a section of the Muslim community led a campaign against Salman Rushdie 's The Satanic Verses, and caught the attention of the international media by publicly burning a copy of the book. "Local Area Report Bradford Local Authority (. Office for National Statistics. Archived from the original on 17 December 2015. 32 Council edit Main article: City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council In 1974, City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council was created to administer the newly formed metropolitan borough. Clayton was added in 1930. The village which includes Salts Mill (pictured right) has survived remarkably complete with Roberts Park on the north side of the river recently restored by rencontre dans les salles de sport grimbergen Bradford Council.

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cougar internet verviers

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