Sex rencontre rorschach

sex rencontre rorschach

and similar responses will be equated with reflections. It is wise to provide less interpretations to this picture than to the previous and the following picture in order to avoid suspicion of schizophrenia. If you see the grey mice or shrimps in the top center as two animals eating a stick, it will indicate castration anxiety, since the grey stick is assumed to symbolize a penis, even if the test subject does not say. The response "a dead bat" would be a clear negative response. Note that five of the cards are black and white, and five contains colours.


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Sex rencontre rorschach - Sexual

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Sex rencontre rorschach Ink blot I, the first blot is easy, and you should be able to give an obvious answer quickly. Then it will be a mirroring response that indicates egocentric self-overestimation. You can also rotate it 90 degrees and say that it resembles a ship or an U-boat on the surface of calm water with its mirror image. Interest in outlines reminds about "whole respons" approach, as mentioned above. They both seem to have breasts as well as penis. Above can also be seen a penis including hair. If you can not see this, it will indicate, that you have problems with your interpersonal relationships. Movement Responses, seeing movements will be interpreted as expressions of imagination. It is said that paranoid rencontre entre adulte adultes rencontres persons will notice the bright green mushroom cloud, which is enclosed by the yellow in the center area above.
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The response "run over cat on a highway" or the like will generally indicate suppressed anger, frustration and aggression. High "W" percentage indicates creativity, while low "W" rate indicates depression. It can also express an yearning for care. This may indicate the following: -. It is almost superfluous to mention that the response "smashed insect on the windshield" will score site de rencontre pour femme mariée gratuit herstal on anger and frustration. The test person may have obsessive thoughts that he is about to be degraded physically or mentally, or on the verge of degrading.

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    Sexual, disturbances, Rorschach, sexual Responses, and. And its sex response score reflects. The Ten Rorchach Cards..

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