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askd - American Shotokan Kodokan Dojos aske - Assessment Standards Knowledge exchange askf - American Shotokan Karate Federation aski - Alalay Sa Kaunlaran Inc askj - ASK jeeves INC askk - Akademische Software Kooperation Karlsruhe askl. L'Etranger aeff - African Environmental Film Foundation aefg - American Eagle Financial Group aefh - Advertising Education Foundation of Houston aefi - Adverse Events Following Immunization aefj - Asociacion Espanola Fabricantes Juguetes aefk - Athletes and Entertainers for Kids aefl - Adult Education and Family. Br audc - audio codes LTD aude - Association of University Directors of Estates audf - Apple University Development Fund audi - Association of United Driving Instructors audk - AppFace UI Development Kits( audl - and Urban Design Laboratory audm - Adam und die Micky. Anws - African New World Studies anwt - Aliso Niguel Wrestling Team anwv - Algemeen Nederlandsch Werklieden Verbond anya - Acronym Not Yet Assigned anyb - Anybody but New York Anybody but anyc - Atlanta New Year Conference anyf - Aging in New York Fund.

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Your abbreviation search ayaw - an area in Myanmar ayax - Uruguay-based Toyota dealership: http: ayba - Agoura Youth Basketball Association aybb - Aveley Youth Brass Band aybc - Alberta Youth Basketball Clubs aybd - All Your Base-.damn. Aabd - African American Biographical Database. Avgl - Architectural Vision Group Ltd avgn - avigen INC avgp - aviation group INC avgq - Assessed Value Growth"ent avgr - Ames Vertical Gun Range avgs - Aliso Viejo Girls Softball avgt - A Very Good Thing avgu - Australian Veteran Golfers Union. Aond - Agreement of Non Disclosure aone - American Organiztion of Nursing Executives aonf - Anarchy Online Nano Formula aong - All Or Nothing Game aonh - Abnormal Optic Nerve Head aoni - Accademia Olimpica Nazionale Italiana aonl - Amity Oil No Liability aonm. Atcj - Achilles Track Club Japan atck - adult third culture kid atcl - Advanced Technology Computers Limited- atcm - airborne toxic control. Rias abev - Arxiu i Biblioteca Episcopal de Vic abex - Abstract Expressionism abfa - Australian Barramundi Farmers Association abfb - Amateur Boxing Federation of the Bahamas abfc - Asset Backed Funding Corporation abfd - American Board of Family Dentistry abfe - Australian Bush Flower. Anml - Advanced Network Management Lab anmm - Australian National Maritime Museum anmn - Abort No More Network anmo - Albuquerque New Mexico anmp - Aircraft Noise Mitigation Program anmr - American National Microsystem Resources anms - All Newton Music School anmt - Academy for. Belastingadviseurs avvc - Atlantic Valley Volleyball Club: avve - Algemene Veilingvoorwaarden Voor Executieveilingen avvf - Austin Val Verde Foundation avvh - Accelerated Veno Venous Hemofiltration avvi - Altitude Vertical Velocity Indicator avvk - Arnhemse Vereniging voor Kamermuziek. Aysv - Associazione Yoga Siddha Vidyalaya aysw - assistant youth support worker ayta - Asia Yoga Teachers Alliance aytb - As Yet To Be aytc - Akhtar Yousaf Trading Co aytf - atascadero youth task force.

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