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plan trav vorst

senator, was a lineal descendant of Annanias Conklin, of East Hampton, Long Island, and a relative of Gurdon Conkling. Italy 4880804, wind, vodafone see SMS short codes for other countries. (IV) Henry, eldest son of Annanias (2) and Hannah Conkling, was baptized February 22, 1701-02. He removed in 1650 to East Hampton, Long Island, and his brother John to Southold, Long Island. He married Temperance Doty, born in Dutchess county, New York, 1803, died in Glenville, 1889. He received a position with the company, and after a few years was promoted to engineer and given a regular run. He covered his run so long and faithfully that it was said that "every man, woman and child along the line knew him." During all these years of service he never wore glasses to aid his sight (this is also true of his father and. He married (first) Anna, daughter of Caleb Beck, February 14, 1728, in Albany. (VI) Nicholas, son of Jacobus (3) (James) and Sarah (Bovier) Van Vorst, was born in Glenville, December 15, 1801, died 1890. Daniel Conkling removed to Rensselaerville, New York, where he was a farmer, of considerable means. Children: Martha, born 1823, died November, 1903; married Orren French, of Montgomery county, a merchant, who died in Amsterdam, 1895; children: Annie, died at age of sixteen; Charles, died at age of twenty-four. John Conkleyne, born in Nottinghamshire, England, and died at Southold, Long Island, April 6, 1694, aged 64 years. (II) Benjamin, son of Annanias sex sans lendemain saint maur des fossés Conklin, or Conkleyne, died in 1709. He saw the light tie and rail disappear, rock ballast displace sand, ponderous engines crowded the little light ones off on the side tracks, and the palatial Pullman made the low and dingy early cars look too inferior for comparison. Married (second) Sarah, daughter of Jellis Fonda, May 20, 1749. His will was proved August 26, 1740; it mentions nine children; Samuel, the fifth child, died before his father, making in all ten children. He continued in the employ of the New York Central for over half a century, remaining until he reached the age of seventy. (viii) Caroline, fifth child of Gurdon and Caroline (Tremaine) Conkling, married James. (V) Daniel, sixth child of Henry and Mary (Jones) Conkling, was born at East Hampton, Long Island, April 24, 1737, died at Rensselaerville, New York, September 26, 1816.

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plan trav vorst plan trav vorst

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