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Blood comments by Nobody comments by espritneo comments by Allen Walker comments by Ben comments. Anonymous asked: I want to submit something, but it has a character name. Maybe we're just lucky, and I'll agree that at least with AO3 there's no need to fear the possible reporting of your stories. Fanfiction is overall, I think, a better-designed site, and I can't say I don't love the PM features and how it doesn't count author replies as reviews. The tagging system is a mess. Those complaints are full. We have updated our list of third-party tools, userscripts, and bookmarklets! 1 2 3 Criticisms of t: Difficulty finding quality fiction amidst all of the dreck. 18 I'll vote FF for two main reasons: it's way easier to navigate, and people actually review. The random tagging status of AO3 feels more like tumblr than a professional site, and the the article is right that AO3 fosters less of a community aspect, in that, my works on t that have hundreds of reviews, can have absolutely nothing on AO3. archiveofourown org archiveofourown org I can show I liked it without having to just say I liked. As for t, there's a significantly greater percentage of bad stories, but the good stories are very good - and simply due to the huge amount of stories on t, even a small fraction of the good stories outnumber those on AO3. As long as I get to read a fic from my favorite fandom, it's all good. On the other hand, AO3 makes challenge communities and exchanges so much easier, and I am really grateful to be able to integrate my own illustrations and reader-submitted fanart right into the story - or, heck, share my fanart! FF is the go-to website for fan fiction, and there are plenty of other websites that you can search for that post fan fiction and that have a better tagging system than AO3 does. AO3 actually allows mature content and even so, I have a hard time finding mature content myself! I find t messy and it's layout difficult, and what I love about AO3 is you can search using the amounts of hits or Kudos the stories have, which means that if the numbers are high you know you're in for a popular (and hopefully. archiveofourown org

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